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Client Service Pledge

At GL Law client care is a key priority and we work hard to ensure every client receives ‘above and beyond’ service. Our teams are guided by the principles of our Client Service Pledge.

We don’t just take care of the legal matter, we take care of you.

We deliver. We care. 

We deliver a highly personal service. We care about our clients. 

  • We are professional, friendly and approachable 
  • We are open and honest; we treat our clients with respect 
  • We provide reassurance, and a flexible approach to supporting our clients 
  • We avoid using unnecessary legal jargon and explain legal terms carefully 
  • We ask clients how they would like to be contacted, and how regularly 

We deliver bespoke, tailored solutions. We care about client satisfaction. 

  • We take control of client relationships and strive for excellent service 
  • We respond to client communications promptly 
  • We set out a clear plan for the client at the outset and set realistic timings 
  • We are transparent on costs at the start and throughout a client matter 
  • We proactively keep clients informed of progress, always anticipating their requirements 
  • We constantly manage and aim to exceed client expectations 
  • We regularly ask clients to review our services and we listen to their feedback 

We deliver first class service. We care about attention to detail. 

  • We care about every new enquiry and take responsibility to respond promptly, and follow up where appropriate 
  • We take the time to nurture client relationships; we listen and take a genuine interest in their lives and businesses 
  • We always strive to protect our client’s best interests  

We deliver wraparound services. We care about collaboration. 

  • We adopt a team approach and ensure client information is shared appropriately 
  • We introduce clients to support staff and other fee earners within the team to help build the relationship and ensure the client feels cared for 
  • We work together to manage a client’s expectations and experience 
  • We work with other departments to ensure the client relationship remains a priority  
  • We promise to look after each other’s clients as well as we would treat our own 
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