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5 minutes with Corporate and Commercial Solicitor, Ed Jaffa

09 February 2022 | Edward Jaffa

Ed Jaffa is an Associate Solicitor in the Corporate and Commercial team and is based in our Bristol office. Qualified for over 3 years after training with a well-regarded national firm, he has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial matters including contracts, data protection, GDPR and intellectual property.

We caught up with Ed to find out more about his life as an Associate Corporate and Commercial Solicitor. 

What sort of law do you specialise in and how do you help people?

I specialise in Commercial law – helping businesses to realise their goals. I help clients avoid potential problems, fix any areas of concern and achieve their objectives. 

What does a day-in-the-life of a lawyer look like?

First thing’s first – coffee. Tea and coffee are an integral part of my day! I then check any emails which have been received overnight, before planning my day. I’m a night owl, so it takes me a little while to get going, so I prefer to have meetings in the morning as I find these get the neurons firing again.  Late morning, the afternoon and early evening are my most productive times, so that’s when I tend to do my focus work, but every day is different (which I like). I try to keep evenings clear to spend time with my fiancée, socialise or do activities. 

What is your favourite part of the job?

Continually being able to learn new things and to broaden my understanding. I really enjoy getting to understand the various different business models of clients, and I love being able to use my creativity when problem-solving. 

GL Law have implemented a hybrid agile way of working, how does that affect your role as a lawyer?

In terms of client work, hybrid agile working does not have a significant impact. I rarely needed to see clients in person prior to the pandemic in order to complete their work, as everything was already done virtually. I find that working from home gives me the space to focus, although I enjoy being in the office to get to know the rest of the team and I still enjoy seeing clients as and when needed. Most clients are planning to continue with a similar mix of home and office working, and so clients don’t mind seeing me (and my cat!) at home via Teams or Zoom (well I don’t think they do, at least!).  

Favourite working from home perk?

Saving the time and expense of the commute! I find that I can put the extra 2 hours a day that I would have spent travelling to good use. I would love to say that I have spent that new time learning a new language or writing a novel, but in fact I find that I use it for the simple life pleasures of spending more time with my fiancée or relaxing.

If you didn’t go down the legal career path, what would you be doing now?

Train driver. Always wanted to do it, not quite sure why. Maybe I’ve just never grown up.

When you’re not working, where would we find you?

Down by a lake, river or the sea, hopefully sailing or windsurfing, or having a walk in a nice part of the countryside. I find these activities are a great way to unwind – and if there’s a good pub after some sailing or at the end of a walk, even better!

Failing that, on sunny days you’ll find me in the garden, battling (and frequently failing) to keep my home-grown veg plants alive, or else reading a book (I’m a total bookworm).

Dream holiday destination?

Patagonia, South America. I went to South America a few years ago but didn’t manage to reach the far south of Argentina/Chile, and I would love to go down to see the seas, mountains, and penguins. I would also like to see the edge-of-the-world at Cape Horn, but I imagine that might be a challenge too far!

Last good book?

I recently reread Bill Bryson’s The Road to Little Dribbling, which I really enjoyed as he visits a huge amount of England and Scotland, and it was interesting to get his take on things. It was written in 2015 so it’s interesting to see how things have changed so much even in the short space of the last few years. He also has quite a dry sense of humour, which I find very relatable. Thankfully he was relatively complimentary about my hometown!

Lockdown TV boxset binge?

Line of Duty. I had never seen it before, so we binged the entire back-catalogue and were immediately hooked!  I suspect that police officers think it’s not quite accurate (in the same way that lawyers perhaps look at Suits or Judge Rinder), but it’s a good story and kept us on our toes.

You’re usually the one giving out advice, but what’s the last piece of good advice you were given?

Take time to refresh and recharge. It’s easy to want to try to do everything at once, but you’ll be more efficient, and achieve more, if you take time out to take care of yourself. 

To get in touch with Ed Jaffa directly you can email or call 0117 906 9400

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