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Client Q&A – GlobeMaster

20 October 2016 |

Mark Montgomery

Mark Montgomery

“Variety is the spice of life” as they say, and at Gregg Latchams, we are fortunate to have a diverse and interesting client base which makes our work so enjoyable (one of our core values). Now and again, we like to share our clients’ stories and successes and at the same time, provide an insight into the work we do and how we help our clients achieve their objectives.

This month, we met with Mark Montgomery, Founder and Managing Director of GlobeMaster Games Ltd.

What does GlobeMaster do?

We are a game based (gamification) services provider that offers a more nuanced approach towards the sales training and e-learning requirements of businesses and organizations regardless of their size, or industry sector.

Our cloud based GlobeMaster platform is both simple and easy to use. The game based software employs similar mechanics inherent in the world’s most popular games to provide an important reward and recognition system to improve long term employee performance and maximise user engagement. This generates a valuable source of relevant real-time data for line managers, sales trainers and educators alike. It helps to identify and reduce knowledge gaps, promote employee productivity and increase profits for businesses within a game setting.

GlobeMaster has already enjoyed considerable success with a diverse mix of clients, including academy schools, agricultural societies, new car dealerships and automotive suppliers.

How did the GlobeMaster name come about?

The name GlobeMaster and our strapline ‘Your World in Question’ didn’t come to us overnight. We took our time. We wanted a simple name that would encompass both the fun and competitive nature of our games, together with its global appeal for businesses.

Provide a short overview of the history of the business

I’ve always been interested in general knowledge and enjoyed participating in quizzes. In the late 90’s I formed my own quiz company. In 2010 the credit crunch hit, which affected my main business quite severely. It was during this time that I first became aware of the growing phenomenon of game based learning (gamification) and the importance that businesses were now placing on these types of services. Coming from a sales related background heavily focussed on product and process training, gamification seemed a natural progression. So in 2013 GlobeMaster Games was formed.

What are the key benefits of your services?

We realise nobody knows your business and your customers better than you do. That’s why our software gives you total control over all aspects of your content. You can add, delete and edit your own questions instantly, meaning they’re both fresh and relevant. The data from our sales reports can be extremely prescriptive and provides complete flexibility.

We can offer low cost bespoke game packages, a fully white labelled service, and provide free customer consultation. If you have e-leaning requirements that need to be hosted in a language other than English, or are a business that has a need for customer satisfaction surveys, we can also help you with this. Our cloud based software is extremely scalable and its platform not only provides great operational agility for customers with fluctuating bandwidth demands, but the IP is exclusively owned and managed by GlobeMaster Games Ltd and uses an all encrypted algorithm for security and peace of mind.

How do you see GlobeMaster growing over the next 12 months?

We hope to be expanding our gamification services over the next 12 months with new markets in mind.

Firstly, with a trade publisher affiliated to the travel industry. We’ve recently been approached by a leading publisher about our services. Our free consultation helped identify areas within the client’s business that could benefit from a game based approach towards training. Their travel retailers need to know lot about a wide range of different products and services. This will also include training on health and safety protocols.

Secondly, games are big business in the Far East and we’ve been invited to present our gamification services to one of the UK‘s leading automotive suppliers to assist in their overseas training programmes, as they look to further expand operations in Asia. Our aim is to improve long term employee productivity and increase profits for both businesses.

What have been the key challenges for GlobeMaster?

Apart from the obvious financial demands with setting up any new business from scratch, one of the biggest challenges was knowing quite where to start. Since every business can benefit from our gamification services in some way or another, it was a challenge to know which business sector to target first. We were also unsure if we should place more emphasis on the competition and marketing element of our platform for those businesses who majored in external marketing campaigns, or to focus more on our internal e-learning and sales training services. Fortunately, we now offer both of these services, either separately, or as a combined package.

How has Gregg Latchams helped you to achieve your objectives?

Gregg Latchams have been involved with helping GlobeMaster Games navigate all the legal aspects relating to our company since our formation in 2013. I was looking for a firm who had a sound reputation and also possessed the relevant expertise in Digital Media & Technology.

It was through a family recommendation that I made contact with Gregg Latchams. Since then I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the firm’s depth of knowledge and professional approach towards helping GlobeMaster achieve commercial success. In September, I attended the GL Business Network event entitled ‘The Internet of Us: Privacy in the Digital Age’ which I found both informative and engaging. Shortly afterwards, Gregg Latchams invited GlobeMaster to appear as a featured client, which has been hugely beneficial in helping an SME like GlobeMaster get one step closer to achieving our objective, so thank you!

If you could compare GlobeMaster to any car what would it be?

If I had to compare GlobeMaster to a car, it would be a Tesla due to their shared traits. They both represent a quiet revolution that has been gathering pace in recent years and it shows no sign of abating, whether it’s their electric car or our gamification services. Both are quick, clean and low cost to run, and incredibly fun!

What is the best way for anyone reading this to get in touch with you?

GlobeMaster Games are happy to offer a free no obligation consultation. See how your business can benefit from our e-learning and gamification services by visiting our website or dropping us an email.

The contents of this article are intended for general information purposes only and shall not be deemed to be, or constitute legal advice. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss as a result of acts or omissions taken in respect of this article.

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