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Declutter your financial paperwork for divorce

26 May 2021 | Rachel Pritchard

When your financial paperwork is disorganised, it can make it difficult to know exactly where you stand financially because everything is tangled up.

When you meet with a solicitor to discuss your separation, divorce, or dissolution of a civil partnership, you will need to bring some information about your finances. So, it is useful to declutter your financial paperwork in preparation.

Keep a place for everything and everything in its place

Gathering all your paperwork, files, and documents all together in one place will make the decluttering process much easier.

Buy folders to store and organise your paperwork into different areas of life – such as home, tax, expenses, bank, children, and so on. Then use each of these folders to stow the appropriate bills and receipts. This way your documents will be much easier to find.

It is also useful to create a budget for you and your household so that you can clearly see what you are spending compared to your personal and joint income. This is also information that your solicitor will need.


If you are self-employed look to keep hold of all your paperwork (receipts, invoices, payments, and insurance) for at least a year after the tax deadline which is 31 January each year. You will need to hold on to your documents for longer should HMRC decide to carry out a check on you.

Maintaining order once organised

After undergoing the effort to sort through all your paperwork the last thing you would want is for it to slowly slip back into chaos. Each month try to set aside some time to go through your incoming paperwork and identify which need to be acted on and which can be stored.

Move your financial paperwork online

We now live in a digital era where we can access all our financial data and documents online. To reduce the amount of paperwork coming into your home, why not opt to receive paperless bills and view them online instead?

Some company’s now charge for posting out paper copies, so by moving online you can even save some money.

Specialist family law advice- make a start online

At GL Law we have a team of family lawyers on hand to meet you and talk through your situation. However, if you are ready to start the process you can use the interactive form on our website. It is easy to use, secure, and confidential. It also saves you time and money as it provides our team with your background information, so they are better prepared to give you immediate advice at your first meeting.

You can contact our family law team by calling 0117 906 9400 or email

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