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Divorce facts and fiction – 5 common myths

11 May 2021 | Rachel Pritchard

When you are facing divorce you’ll no doubt trawl the internet for information and receive well intended wisdom from friends and family – so how do separate the divorce facts and fiction?

Let’s take a look at the 5 most common divorce myths:


“Divorce is expensive”


Most couples are able to resolve their issues and finances on a reasonably cost-effective basis so long as they co-operate with one another. If a couple provide clear instruction to their solicitors in a timely manner the cost of divorce won’t be as expensive.


“The mother will automatically get custody of the children in a divorce”


Family Courts base their decisions on what is in the best interests of the child, not the gender of the parent.


“Mediation is all about saving the marriage”


Many confuse mediation as marriage counselling; however, this is not the case.

The sole purpose of mediation is to provide you both with a means of finding a solution to your dispute. It helps couples to resolve their differences and reach an agreement about particular issues, such as children, finances, or property. It helps you both to communicate more effectively during your divorce.


“Divorces are always messy and hostile”


Although divorces can be a particularly stressful period for most individuals it does not always coincide with conflict and accusations. Many divorces end in settlements where both parties have come to an agreement on the majority of their issues or assets. It is much preferred by couples to reach a resolution quickly and as efficiently as possible.


“Getting a solicitor involved will mean we have to go to court”


Most divorce cases are resolved outside of court. A solicitor will recommend various routes to help a couple come to an agreement about finances and children before getting to the point of requiring the court to make a final decision. Our solicitors practice collaborative law which encourages a respectful and controlled approach to the process, usually seeking mediation.

Sometimes a couple may go to court to reach agreement on the finances, but settle issues relating to childcare outside of court.


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