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Be authentic, honest, and different: Branding at the GL Business Network

24 November 2017 |

What makes a brand a brand? What makes it useful, powerful, bankable? How do you protect that brand, and how do you go about creating one in the first place? These questions and more were covered in our latest Gregg Latchams Business Network event, as speakers from Orchard Pig, Stream Farm, Eat Festivals, and Boundless.

Starting the afternoon with some fabulous anecdotes of his time as a lawyer (Greek identical twin brothers and having to bribe judges abroad aside), James Odgers of Stream Farm laid down some solid foundations of how honest a brand must be to be believable.

“A single misstep can completely destroy a brand,” James accurately pointed out, as he explored the almost constant danger that a brand lives under. “One bad steak, one spider in a bottle, anything that isn’t perfect – and our brand would be tarnished. It could happen any day, so we are always vigilant.”

James shared the core values of the Stream Farm brand: local, traceable, and healthy. He described the passion and perseverance that made the vision of what Stream Farm could be – a tapestry of interwoven small businesses – a reality that now includes seven families across hundreds of acres. His stewardship approach stretches not only to the land and the animals themselves, but also to every person that works with them and everyone who purchases from them, with excellence at every stage – a key component of how the brand is perceived.

Chris Haywood, one of our dual-qualified solicitors and chartered trade mark and design attorneys, then spoke on the power of protecting – and the risks of not protecting – your brand. Condensing over 2000 pages of legal framework and guidance on branding in a few short minutes certainly isn’t easy, but Chris managed it, with some funny and insightful case studies along the way.

Next up was Andrew Quinlan, from Orchard Pig, who gave a frank and insightful look into the development and journey of one of the fastest growing cider brands in the country. A story that started with wanting to keep pigs has so far taken him to more pubs and bars around the UK than he could ever have imagined.

Andrew’s focus was on reinvention: “In order to survive, a brand needs to constantly reinvent itself.” It is easy for a brand to get left behind if innovation is not a central part of the business plan, and Orchard Pig’s values and dedication to those values such as mischievousness and boldness have enabled it to create a new logo without losing the core of what the brand truly is.

We then welcomed Sarah Milner Simonds from Eat: Festivals and Cathy Moseley from Boundless to join James, Chris, and Andrew to form a panel which took questions from the audience. Wise advice about securing the foundations of what your brand is about from the outset, were shared, along with a discussion around discovering your target customer, and the pros and cons of selling face to face.

The evening ended with a delicious spread put on by our hosts, the Bristol Hotel, and a chance for more networking as the best and brightest of Bristol’s food, drink, and hospitality community discussed the topics explored at our Business Network.

We would love to see you at our next Food, Drink, and Hospitality event on Scaling Up, which will be at the Strawberry Thief on February 7th, so make sure that you get in touch to secure your spot.

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