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Government Chooses Preferred Partners for Council Construction

23 August 2017 |

The Homes and Communities Agency, or HCA, has announced the names of 70 trusted developers and contractors for residential development, giving councils a shortlist of pre-approved developers and contractors that they can collaborate with to speed up the process of building.

Many developers can sympathise with the processes that councils are bound by, but there is a peculiarity with government branches in particular that create unusual challenges. Inefficiencies both of time and of money creep in, and before you know it, a project is over budget, over deadlines, and under-supported.

Now that the Delivery Partner Panel 3 (or DPP3 for short) has been selected, however, councils now have the opportunity to work directly with known and trusted companies in their area. The list has been specifically curated to support councils so they can be nimbler and support local growth economies, which is why emerging and established developers and contractors are on the smaller side.

One of the chosen partners for the South West sector is HAB Housing, a Bristol-based organisation putting people right at the centre of what they build. Standing for Happiness, Architecture, Beauty, HAB is chaired by Kevin McCloud and the team is thrilled to work more closely with councils in the Bristol and surrounding areas.

Commenting on this development, Kevin McCloud, Chairman at HAB Housing, said:

“We are over the moon to be able now to compete with the major house builders on an equal footing. It is really the SMEs in this market that really build as opposed to others who seek to bank land or use site development option tactically. Hats off to the HCA for allowing SMEs, like HAB, onto the panel. We have a great team here at HAB and we’re looking forward to seeing how SMEs can contribute to the mix, and probably teach the bigger companies a thing or two.”

Gregg Latchams’ Head of Construction Andrew Evans is pleased to see a governmental inclusion of SMEs in this decision. “The energy in construction is often found in smaller to medium sized businesses,” says Andrew. “Many of our clients love the personal and bespoke approach that a smaller company can bring, and we have no doubt that DPP3 will now offer councils a greater variety of contractor and developer.”

Are you one of the chosen 70? Do you want to work with new contractors and you’re not sure what your obligations are to your current ones? Are you a developer and you want to explore the changing face of SME businesses in the South West? Get in touch with our expert Andrew Evans, who can help.

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