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Gregg Latchams Welcomes CookiesHQ to Tech Social

23 February 2018 |

For our March Gregg Latchams Tech Social, we welcome Nic Alpi, co-founder of CookiesHQ, to speak on when – and how – to approach a software development company. We sat down with Nic to chat teams, projects, and entrepreneurs…

  1. What excites you about your job?  

The variety of industries, the problem solving (through code or not), and seeing the team smiling. I want everyone who is part of CookiesHQ to feel fulfilled in what they do, and being able to creatively approach challenges and solve them with clients is incredibly satisfying.

  1. What do people assume about what you do that they always get wrong? 

Sometimes that we can control the way that cookies work on their website! We create mobile and web products that deliver meaningful business value, tailored and bespoke to the business goal that each client has, and that bespoke approach is something that often surprises people. No cookie cutter approaches here!

  1. Tell me about one of your favourite projects (past or present). 

For me, it would have to be Gap Medics. While we have a huge variety of amazing international clients, Gap Medics is the one we’ve not only been able to help getting their business and software back on track, but our technology has also helped them grow while saving money. Having said that, we’ve just started working with Article19: knowing that we are creating a software that will help raising awareness of ‘freedom of expression’ infringements to the United Nations is pretty badass.

  1. Why is CookiesHQ so involved in entrepreneur and startups in Bristol? 

In all honesty, I don’t know! Perhaps it started because we founded our own company, so we know the highs and lows of being entrepreneurs: perhaps because we’ve gained so much from the community and feel a natural inclination to give back. Whether it’s supporting events like South West Founders, or hosting events like Design / Build / Market, engaging with the Bristol tech scene is very natural for us.

  1. What do you love most about tech? 

Its applications. For me, technology is only a medium to create something: I’m very much interested in what problems people are trying to solve, perhaps more than how they are trying to do so.

Make sure you register to hear Nic speak at our Tech Social on March 8th 2018.

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