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Heledd Wyn – ‘Lawyer of the Year’

20 October 2021 | Jo Stevens

Heledd Wyn, Director at GL Law and Head of the Private Client and Long-Term & Elderly Care team has been crowned ‘Lawyer of the Year’ by the Bristol Law Society

Congratulations Heledd, you are the Bristol Law Society ‘Lawyer of the Year’ 2021! You must be delighted?

I am! Being nominated and then shortlisted in such great company felt like an achievement, so to win the award is absolutely amazing.

What sort of law do you specialise in?

I specialise in future planning which means I give advice and guidance in respect of Wills, Powers of Attorney, long-term care, and asset protection. I mainly look after people with complex lives, high value assets or business interests.

The work I do around Care and Court of Protection involves helping all sorts of people navigate the care system and funding, whether that’s for themselves or if they are arranging care for others.

What does a day-in-the-life of a lawyer look like?

I usually start the day with a strong cuppa and check up on any emails or letters that have come in from clients, catch up with my team and take a sneaky look at our Review Solicitors webpage to see if any new feedback has come in – I like to think we provide a top-notch service but feedback in any shape or form is greatly received.

Lots of clients now prefer to have appointments over video call but some like to see me in person – personally I like the balance of both – so I’ll spend some time talking to clients, finding out the challenges they are facing or plans they want to make, and helping them on the right route to a happy outcome.

Then I might jump onto an online event. I often speak at various events on the topics of future planning and care. GL Law hosts a monthly ‘Care Conversations’ event where I grill others in the world of care who like talking about it just as much as I do!

In the afternoon I’ll see more clients, or I might have a catch up with a financial advisor to discuss a joint client, this is where collaboration works really well as we can both offer support in quite different yet joined up ways.

I also act as a mentor to Bristol University students and in my fourth year of doing so – it is so great to be able to help people start off on their legal careers.

2020 was a tough year, how did you navigate professional and personal challenges?

Well, not only did I move house in the pandemic, I was also diagnosed with cancer (thankfully I received the most amazing treatment from the NHS) and I refused to let it get in the way but I am really grateful to my wonderful team and colleagues at GL Law for holding the fort when needed and giving me much needed pep talks on other occasions! (

GL Law have implemented a hybrid agile way of working, how does that affect your role as a lawyer?

This new way of working is a breath of fresh air. The plus for me personally is that I can split my time between home and the office, but professionally it means I get quality time with my team and can see clients face to face if needed. It’s a win-win.

If you didn’t go down the legal career path, what would you be doing now?

So many options – ranging from hairdresser to truck driver to sea captain…

One final question. Helen, Hel-ed, Hel-eff…?

Yes, my name causes much hilarity! I’m Welsh, and it is pronounced ‘Hel-eth’. We have some great Welsh idioms like “llyncu mul” which translates as “to swallow a donkey” meaning to be fed up!


To get in touch with Heledd please call 0117 906 9400 or email

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