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Navigating Mother’s Day during a separation or divorce

24 March 2022 |

Mother’s Day is a special occasion for many families, but it can be difficult if a family is going through a separation or divorce.

Hopefully, in most situations, flexibility and respect will be in place, however we understand that this is not always the case, and you may find yourself spending the day without your children, which can be upsetting.

Our team of family solicitors share their top tips for making Mother’s Day or any other family event more bearable for everyone involved.

  1. Plan celebrations ahead of time

Mother’s Day is a parent-specific holiday, so children should be able to spend the day with their mum if it is possible. Similarly, when Father’s Day comes around later in the year, the same principle should be followed.

Check your calendars to see where your children will be on Mother’s Day and consider making adjustments in advance. If you are planning on sharing time on Mother’s Day so that your children can be with their step-parent or extended family, plan ahead to ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible. If your children are unable to spend Mother’s Day with their mum, encourage them to contact over video chat or a phone call.

  1. Help your children plan gifts & celebrations

Celebrating Mother’s Day after a divorce or separation is a good way for co-parents to show that they recognise and respect the relationship that their children have with each of them.

Allow your children to decide if they’d like to make a card or get a gift, offer ideas and help.

  1. Build new traditions

If you and your family had traditions for Mother’s Day before your separation or divorce, you may not be able to recreate them this year. Rather than seeing this as a negative, consider it as an opportunity to create new traditions. If you used to host a large family lunch, for example, consider hosting a small gathering with just your children.

If you are unable to spend Mother’s Day with your children, try not to be discouraged. Instead, spend the day doing something you enjoy, such as making plans with friends or visiting extended family.

Expert family legal advice

If you find sharing childcare during Mother’s Day, the holidays, or any other time difficult and are in a situation where you cannot agree on childcare arrangements, we can help you try and resolve matters. Our family lawyers specialise in assisting parents to reach an agreement with their co-parent, where they are unable to do so directly.

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