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Newly Qualified Solicitors David Morris & Shalini Jagmohan Reveal Their Goals for the Future

19 January 2018 |

We were proud to welcome David Morris and Shalini Jagmohan back to the office in 2018 after they qualified as solicitors. Here, we catch up with them on their thoughts on the training experience, becoming a solicitor, and their goals for the future.

How does it feel to have completed your solicitor training?

DM: It feels good! The relief happened a few months before when I received the job offer, which obviously carried not only the belief in my ability and that I was ready to qualify, but also a trust in me in a ‘we want you to work for us’ way. Now it feels real; deadlines are shorter, and clients expect more! I want to continue growing my good working relationships with clients, and it’s a nice feeling to be able to tell people that I’m a solicitor. But of course, it is still sinking in: two weeks ago, I asked another solicitor to sign a court form for me before they pointed out that I can now sign it myself!

What would you advise yourself at the beginning of your training?

SJ: I received some excellent advice that really helped me, which was that the training is like learning to drive; some parts come naturally and you ‘get’ them in no time, other areas you have to work hard at to grasp, some parts really excite you, others you can’t wait to complete and don’t ever want to do again . . . but every part needs to be checked and tested to ensure that you are safe ‘on the road.’

DM: I told myself that I have a glorious future and can do whatever comes my way! It can be daunting at times, and it can be easy to feel like you are alone, but everyone around you is for you and wanting you to succeed. Seeking feedback on pieces of work, even if it might be a little short of where it needs to be, will only help you reach that level and pull more from you.

SJ: Being pro-active and using your intuition during your rotations also helps you to develop; there is always something to be done, and offering to lend a hand always goes down very well – particularly if you then send back a well-researched and excellent piece of work.

How has the Gregg Latchams team supported you throughout your training?

DM: It does feel like a real Gregg Latchams team, which is a great support. Each of us trainees receive one-to-one meetings every month with our supervising Director, the HR Manager oversees our training process, and then you’ll gain training and insight from the Head of Department of your current seat. They are all kind, friendly, and encouraging, as well hard workers who want to succeed and they are great at drawing that out of you.

SJ: There is also the wider team, Sectors to get involved in, Directors, fee-earners and support staff, as well as the other trainees, who are always there to lend a helping hand if there is something that can’t be grasped. Gregg Latchams has an open-door policy which is very helpful, and we are encouraged to get involved in everything that’s going on from day one.

What are your goals for the future?

SJ: I would love to be known as someone who works hard to help to prevent problems for my clients as well as someone who makes sure that, if problems do arise, my client’s interests are taken care of.

DM: I want to continue to learn and grow as a solicitor in knowledge, communication, and pace of work, and to grow in responsibility within the team. There will always be one-off transaction-based clients in law but it’s great to have some regular clients to walk alongside and to build lasting working relationships with, and I would love for that to be a feature of my work.

Both Shalini and David specialise in Real Estate and Development matters. Gain expert advice and get in touch with either of them here.

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