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NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding withdrawn?

22 March 2022 | Heledd Wyn

What is NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding?

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (NHS CHC) is a fully funded package of care in which the NHS solely funds care for adults in order to meet physical or mental health needs which are more than just social care needs. Social care needs are either paid for by the individual or social services, depending on an individual’s finances. This is means-tested.

Therefore, whenever care is provided, and it seems that the needs of that person are primarily health related, it may well be that they should not be paying for their care at all, and it should be funded by the government through NHS CHC.

It is also possible to make applications for retrospective assessments so even if someone has died, it is possible to ask for a review if you think that they should have had their care funded by the NHS.

Problems with funding applications

Continuing Healthcare Funding is highly valuable and as it is based on a thorough assessment of your needs, it can be an emotional subject. Complications can arise due to differences of opinions about an individual’s needs and the skills needed to meet them. As a result, assessments are generally very subjective.

These assessments are managed by a multi-disciplinary team including health and social care professionals, who analyse the severity of an individual’s needs, for instance, cognition and behaviour.

Funding withdrawn

Research from the BBC showed that more than 1,300 patients a year are having NHS funding for their palliative care withdrawn after living longer than expected.

Between 2018 to 2021, a total of 9,037 fast-track continuing healthcare patients had their funding reviewed through a Decision Support Tool (DST) assessment. Of those patients, 47% were found to be no longer eligible for palliative care funding, 15% were provided with NHS-funded nursing care, and 38% remained eligible.

Where a patient’s funding is removed, the assessors will usually refer the individual’s family to the social care system, believing this can adequately meet their needs. Furthermore, many people cannot afford equivalent care packages themselves, so as a result, the person in need of care has an increased risk of having an accident.

Specialist Long-Term & Elderly Care Solicitors

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