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Settlement agreements: checklist for employers

23 February 2021 | Nick Jones

Nick Jones provides a checklist for employers considering offering a settlement agreement. 

A settlement agreement (previously called compromise agreements) is a legally binding contract where an individual waives their right to bring the employment tribunal claims listed in the agreement – usually in return for a payment.

Before deciding whether to offer a settlement agreement:

  • What is the reason you are considering a settlement agreement? Is it the best way to deal with the issue?
  • Have you considered the implications for the employment relationship with the employee if an agreement cannot be reached? And the implications for employment relations in the wider workforce?
  • Is it clear that there is no unlawful discrimination or victimisation involved in offering a settlement agreement in the circumstances?

Offering and negotiating a settlement agreement:

  • Have you carefully considered the value of any financial payment that may be offered? If you are offering a financial payment is the amount an appropriate offer for settlement?
  • Have you considered the taxable status of the payments? Do not offer tax free payments before you’ve properly considered the position.
  • Will you offer to provide a reference? If so, what might that reference say?
  • Making an offer of a settlement agreement is inevitably a sensitive issue – have you considered how best to raise the matter with the employee? And have you thought about the appropriate information the employee may need to allow him/her to make an informed decision about their options?
  • Will it be useful to arrange a meeting, or a series of meetings, to discuss your proposal with the employee? Are you going to ask the employee if they would like to be accompanied at any such meeting?
  • Do you understand the admissibility provisions relating to settlement agreement discussions in employment tribunals and courts?
  • Have you considered what might be a realistic and reasonable timescale for any discussions and negotiations?

Drawing up a formal written settlement agreement

  • Are you aware of all the legal requirements for a settlement agreement to be valid?
  • Does the agreement meet all those legal requirements?
  • Will you offer to pay the cost, or a contribution towards the cost, of the employee’s independent advice? It’s typical to offer a contribution of £350-£500 plus VAT in straight forward situations. The contribution should be higher for senior executive or more complex exits.
  • Have you given the employee a minimum period of 10 calendar days to consider the proposed formal written terms of the settlement agreement and to receive independent advice?


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