Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) plays an increasingly significant role in all types of disputes and provides a cost effective, efficient alternative to going to court.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Solicitors

At GL Law we have a wealth of experience in all forms of ADR including negotiations, mediation and arbitration. You are in control at all stages of the process and we fit our service to your specific needs. We commit ourselves to ensuring that the process is beneficial for you.

Our team also includes trained arbitrators and an accredited mediator and their experience enables us to represent you effectively in all forms of ADR.

We aim to provide a one stop service and we can accept instructions to act on your behalf in mediations and arbitrations of all types, as well as accepting appointments to act either as an independent mediator or arbitrator.

Our Dispute Resolution team will guide you through your options, ensuring a solution is found to your problem as swiftly as possible.

We offer:

  • Flexible, confidential negotiations with third parties
  • Third party mediation
  • Representation in mediation
  • Expert, informal determination
  • Independent review of issues by arbitrator/mediator
  • Preparation for and representation in arbitration/mediation
  • Competitive rates and cost-effective advice

Alternative Dispute Resolution solicitors

To find out more about how alternative dispute resolution works, contact our specialist team on 0117 906 9400 or email

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