Intellectual Property

We provide expert advice on intellectual property and reputational rights, as well as a wide range of legal services to the media sector.

Intellectual Property

Expert intellectual property legal advice

We help defend, manage and protect valuable intellectual property and reputational rights across a wide range of industry sectors. We also provide expert advice to the media sector, including advice on film, TV, music and publishing agreements and deals; advertising campaigns, press releases and media regulation.

Licensing & development agreements

The complexity and technical issues surrounding licensing arrangements can be daunting, but licensing agreements are just one piece of the puzzle. We consider how licences fit in with your business objectives and wider intellectual property protection and enforcement strategy.

We collaborate on the drafting of licence agreements with our Dispute Resolution team to ensure that contractual terms will stand up if challenged or disputed, and we work closely with accountants and tax advisers to consider the tax benefits and implications of licensing and assigning intellectual property rights.

We offer:

  • Advice on Intellectual property and know-how licensing agreements
  • Design and manufacturing agreements
  • Advice on intellectual property in the context of agency, distribution and franchising agreements and collaborations and joint ventures
  • Inter-company group assignment and licensing advice 
  • Cross-licensing and licensing due diligence


Our clients produce important works in the software, arts, music, and design fields. It is essential that these rights are protected, managed, and enforced. We ensure that your rights are clearly defined, documented, and protected against infringement.

We offer:

  • Infringement and dispute resolution services
  • Clearance advice
  • Global copyright management
  • Commercial agreements

Our experience:

  • Licensing and assignment agreements between consultants, software companies, charities, and fragrance companies
  • Infringement advice in relation to gallery catalogues
  • Infringement advice in relation to works of art

Domain names

As an increased number of new top-level domains are released onto the market, the scope for your brands to be copied without your permission or taken unfair advantage of is increasing year by year. We can offer swift resolution against cybersquatters, making sure that your brands and their corresponding domains remain yours. We also advise on the sale and purchase of domain names, particularly high-value domain names.

We offer:

  • Domain recovery negotiation and agreement
  • Dispute resolution and litigation services
  • Domain arbitration, including DRS and UDRP proceedings

Our experience:

  • The successful recovery of multiple domains at both UDRP and DRS proceedings
  • Advising on a number of high-value domain name acquisitions


We offer two distinct services when it comes to patents. First, we can carry out the full range of commercial and corporate work in relation to them. We can help you to sell or agree a licence for a single patent, or a portfolio of patents as a standalone transaction, or as part of a broader corporate transaction. Second, we can manage your disputes in conjunction with experienced counsel in a field that relates directly to your invention.

We offer:

  • Commercial agreements and corporate support services
  • Dispute resolution and litigation

Our experience:

  • Advising an inventor and manufacturer of a modular stairway system on the licensing of its UK patents to third party manufacturers
  • Working with US patent attorneys to register a US patent application for an innovative use of domain names


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