Standard Terms of Business

Our Commercial team have extensive experience preparing terms of business across a number of sectors in B2B and B2C contexts and can quickly assess the commercial issues at play.

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Standard terms of business

Every business, regardless of its size, should have standard terms of business which set out the legal basis on which it intends to do business with its customers. For businesses which sell goods or provide services to consumers, a failure to have these in place will almost certainly be a breach of consumer law.

Without standard terms of business there is a risk that any verbal agreement, or agreement made through the exchange of emails, may be unenforceable due to a lack of evidence as to what had been agreed. In such circumstances, the courts may need to step in to establish what it thinks had been agreed, potentially creating an undesirable outcome. Standard terms of business can also help businesses to manage cashflow through ensuring that payment terms and the consequences of late payment are clearly stated.

While there are many websites offering standard terms of business for free, or very cheaply, a one-size-fits-all approach is not always the best. Our solicitors make sure to understand your specific business needs before offering tailor-made solutions. We provide a robust framework for your business to operate within and we also ensure you have a clear explanation of sometimes complex legal provisions.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive and expert legal advice on all aspects of terms of business
  • Review of existing terms of business
  • Preparation and negotiation of terms of business

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