Flexible Working Toolkit

If you are a business owner or HR professional looking for advice and support to help you make flexible working changes to your workforce, our Flexible Working Toolkit is for you.

Flexible Working Toolkit

Use our Flexible Working Toolkit to implement changes to your workforce.

Employers are increasingly receiving requests from staff to change their days, hours, or location of work. There are a huge variety of requests that can be made. Do you know how to identify a flexible working request? Do you understand the differences between formal statutory requests and informal requests? Does your business know how to consider and respond to a request? If the answer to any of these questions is no – then not only is your business exposed to the legal risks of a claim, but practically it can also lead to a disgruntled or disengaged workforce.

Differences between informal and formal requests:

Many employees don’t realise that there is a formal right to request flexible working and an associated process. They may therefore ask a line manager informally, or just email asking for flexibility. This may be fine and acceptable on some occasions but the benefit of following the formal scheme is that each request is considered properly, in detail, with more information provided by the employee.

The business can then easily demonstrate compliance and that it has acted reasonably in properly considering the request, and can ensure consistency when dealing with either multiple or future requests.

Flexible Working Toolkit

The toolkit is designed for employers and HR teams to help make the process of implementing changes simple and straightforward. By using legal templates and an approved process for managers to follow, you will also have peace of mind that the legal rules have been adhered to.

 The kit includes:


Flexible Working Policy – an internal policy which can be included in your staff handbook. This is a great source of reference for both staff and managers. A must for all businesses.


Flexible Working Request Flowchart – a handy summary setting out the stages involved in dealing with a request.

Letter 1

Employee request for flexible working – a template letter/form which can be provided to staff to ensure that they fill out the detail you need to properly consider the request. Asking staff to set out a business case at the start demonstrates those who have properly considered the impact of their request and can help the business make a decision more quickly.

Letter 2

Employer’s acknowledgement of request and invite to a meeting

Letter 3

Employer’s confirmation of trail period – if the request is accepted, then a trial period may be helpful to really test out whether the request works.

Letter 4

Acceptance letter and variation of contract – if however you’re happy just to accept the request then this will amount to a permanent change to their contractual terms.

Letter 5

Rejection of employee’s request – sometimes it’s not possible to agree to a request and if this is the case then the rejection must be on at least one of the eight lawful grounds.

Letter 6

Employee’s appeal letter – if the request is rejected the employee should be given the right of appeal.

Letter 7

Acceptance of appeal

Letter 8

Rejection of appeal

Letter 9

Employer’s confirmation of extension of the decision period – flexible working requests need to be dealt with within a 3 month window (including any appeal all the way to the appeal outcome). Sometimes you may need more time and this template letter helps secure this.

Letter 10

Employee’s withdrawal of request – sometimes plans change but you want to ensure that the request isn’t just left open, but that the employee properly withdraws the request.

Letter 11

Employer’s notice to treat the request as withdrawn

These are a suite of template documents that all businesses should have on hand to successfully navigate a flexible working request. Purchasing the toolkit provides the template documents , and if you need further advice and support, our employment solicitors are on hand to help.

How to purchase the toolkit

The cost for the toolkit is £295 plus VAT. To find out more or to purchase the kit, please contact the team by calling 0117 906 9400 or email Alternatively please complete our contact form.

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