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In-House Lawyer is a monthly subscription service that provides regular, tailored legal advice to businesses looking for clear, affordable and flexible support.

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In-House Lawyer is a simple way for businesses to access regular legal advice on a  monthly subscription service with flexible fees depending on the level of support required.

This service is for businesses with or without an existing in-house legal team, providing support when and where it’s needed. In-House Lawyer clients also benefit from joining a community of like-minded businesses and access to exclusive insight and events.

In-House Lawyer offers:

  • Flexible fees spread over monthly payments
  • Concise, relevant, and practical advice tailored to your business aims and objectives
  • Personal, relationship-based service from people who care about your business
  • Additional advice from a wide range of legal experts when you need it

Why join In-House Lawyer?

  • Regular, bespoke advice if you have no in-house legal team
  • Flexible resource to support existing legal teams 
  • Legal support without the cost uncertainty
  • Advice from a team of senior lawyers with experience of providing services as part of in-house legal teams

Ready to get started? 

To find out more please contact Jo Stevens by calling 0117 906 9400, email or send a message.

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