Collaborative Divorce

When all parties are committed to resolving a case outside of contested court proceedings, we can assist using collaborative family law. Collaborative divorce is a process that enables couples to come to an agreement without going to court.

How does Collaborative Divorce work?

You’ll both meet, along with each of your solicitors, in a four-way meeting in the same room. This provides the opportunity for you to discuss your own particular situation and try to reach compromises that both parties can be happy with. It gives you the opportunity to make decisions about finances, property, and childcare together to ensure the best results for both of you.  It is a process in which you and your spouse/partner are in charge.

As a Resolution trained specialist, James Myatt is committed to resolving disputes in a constructive way and collaborative family law provides a structured process for reaching agreement without court proceedings.

There are also other methods of resolving a divorce without resulting in court proceedings. Find out more here.

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