Finances in Divorce

Separating is never easy and one of the biggest difficulties is agreeing how to deal with your finances. Our experts will help you navigate the process and reach the best possible outcome.

Finances in Divorce

Finances in divorce can prove to be complex and a cause for disputes. Our divorce solicitors will work with you to attempt to reach a  financial settlement out of court, but if that is not possible, we will guide you through the court process. We can help with:

  • Dealing with the family home, other properties, the family business, shares, trusts and other assets whether in joint names or in sole names
  • Interim maintenance payments whilst negotiations are ongoing
  • Financial disclosure
  • Long term child and spousal maintenance
  • Pensions and pension sharing
  • Obtaining orders
  • International assets
  • Varying trusts

Financial injunctions and freezing orders in divorce

If you are concerned that your spouse is disposing of marital assets that should be divided as part of the financial settlement, our divorce solicitors will work to keep them preserved for division between you. We may make an application for a financial injunction/ freezing orders.

These are emergency steps that can be used to stop a transaction from occurring or prevent a spouse from dissipating assets. We can help you obtain freezing injunctions urgently/ at very short notice.

A freezing injunction is an aggressive tactic that is likely to elicit a negative response from the other party. We can tell you whether employing this tactic makes sense in your particular situation, the prospects of success, and whether it may be wiser to pursue other options.

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