Long-Term & Elderly Care

If you are trying to navigate the care system or Court of Protection and don’t know where to turn for help, our team of specialist care solicitors are on hand. We provide advice on a variety of issues surrounding care and incapacity.

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Expert Care Solicitors

Our team of expert care solicitors offer specialist advice in relation to a wide range of care issues. With detailed knowledge of the care system and years of experience, we are able to provide vital insight and tailored solutions. Often in care cases, we find that our connections to other care industry professionals such as social workers, GPs, financial advisors and care providers enable us to offer a wraparound service and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

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Paying for care

Whether you are planning for the future or are facing an immediate need for care, the first question people usually ask is ‘how am I going to pay for care?’. There are several options dependent on your individual circumstances and we can help you decide which option best suits your needs and protects your finances in the future. 

Future planning

If you are considering putting plans in place to secure your future care needs, we can help you with making a Will, registering a Lasting Power of Attorney or making an Advance Decision. We also provide advice in relation to making gifts to protect your assets.

Care disputes

We often help people resolve issues with their local authority in relation to decisions that have been made about someone’s care, including challenging NHS Continuing Health Care Funding and Best Interest Decisions.

We also assist appointed Deputies in making a range of Court of Protection applications for permission to make specific decisions, which can often be difficult and sensitive.


Caring for vulnerable individuals means putting in place the protective measures to ensure their needs are not neglected and they are not at risk of abuse, be it physical, psychological or financial.

If your loved one has suffered an injury that has left them incapacitated or been diagnosed with a mental condition that prevents them from looking after themselves and managing their own affairs, your priority will be to protect their right to live safely and to promote their wellbeing. Find out more about how our specialist legal advisors can help you put protective measures in place.

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We can help you answer:

  • Should I be charged and how much should I pay for care?
  • Will I get any help towards my care fees?
  • Am I entitled to any benefits?
  • What assets do I need to sell to pay care fees?
  • How should my assets be valued?
  • Should I update my Will and how can I pass on assets to my family?
  • Is the care contract reasonable and should I try to amend the terms?
  • Will my spouse or partner be expected to pay towards my care?
  • Can my spouse, partner or other relative continue living in the family home?
  • Will insurance pay for care?
  • Can I continue to manage my own financial affairs? Should I appoint someone to act on my behalf, in the event I become mentally incapable?
  • Should I make an advance decision?


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